Kaspersky Security Centre 13.2

  • 1 December 2021
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When I try to install kaspersky security center 13.2 in windows server 2019 environment, following error occurs. Can you suggest a solution for that ?


Thanks in advance.



Best answer by Ian_D 2 December 2021, 14:45

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4 replies


Hello @uvindu098 


Will you please provide some detail regarding the installation environment? I understand the Server is running 2019, but does this server play any other roles in the environment? Does this server act as a DC or secondary DC?

Additionally, when you click ok, does the installation role back or does it continue? 

This server acts as a DC and when I click ok, installation process rolled back.


@uvindu098 - Thank you for the information. While installation on a DC is technically possible, we try to avoid this configuration.  We have seen non-typical product behavior when Security Center is installed on a DC. There is also an increased load placed on the Server once KSC is installed.  Ideally, we recommend KSC to installed on a dedicated server if possible. 

If that is not possible in your environment, I recommend for you to engage with your local support team as logs will likely need to be collected for further troubleshooting of this error. 

Thank you. 

Thank you @Ian_D for the reply, Much appreciated.