Kaspersky Security Centre 10 and Skype For Business/SQL Windows Cluster

  • 8 April 2019
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I am looking for some help//guidance on the best practise to patch windows updates and SQL application updates in Kaspersky Security Centre 10. We have a number of custoemrs who have dedicated SKype for Business 2015,

These deployments each have 3 Front End servers which we want to patch using Security Centre 10.

They are Windows server machines.

We have sucessfully been able to install updates but we need to be able to stagger reboots and wait for the Skype services to come back up on one front end before commensing any reboots on the next front end. We need there to be 2 of the 3 front ends in the front end pool active at any one time to maintain quorum on the pool.

Is there anything other than supressing the reboots on all and manually rebooting each front end that canbe done so this can be automated?


0 replies

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