Kaspersky Security Center 11: Is there a posibility to administer local tasks central? [moved]

  • 21 August 2019
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is the a posibility to administer local tasks for a whole Admin group?

We do not want to configure the local task for every target one by one.

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Yes, you can disable local tasks by hiding them. In that case they will not be visible to the user and also will not run according to their schedules.
To do so you have to open active policy - Local tasks and disable all of three oprions.
Hello Nikolay,

thank you for your answer! I do not want to disable them. I want to change the options of the full scan.

It is possible to change the options for every target seperately but I want to change them ,for example the start time of the full scan, for all clients in an admin group. Is the a possibility?

Thank you in advance!

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If you want to configure full scan task for the all hosts you should create it on KSC in the required managed group. For what reason do you want to use local task for that?


Thank you!
Hello Konstantin,

What I originally wanted was for users to have control over the tasks, as it is sometimes necessary for the full scan to be aborted.

My conclusion is that all local tasks have to change manually one by one for every target.

My solution is the following. I created a central task for the required managed group and made it possible to "administer" central tasks for the end user. So they can start and stop the full scan and the other tasks if necessary. Finaly I denied the use of local tasks.

Thank you for support!

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