Kaspersky Security 9.x for Microsoft Exchange Server ordering gudi

  • 29 December 2021
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I want to provide the license for “kasper security 9.x microsoft exchange servers” for 20 servers and I need to know the part number of the licesnse, but I cant find any part number

Can anyone help me?

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3 replies

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The license is Kaspersky mail Security for exchange. The exact code can be different for each country. The best thing is getting in touch with your salesperson. As for 20 servers. The exchange license is by mail box and not by server. And these 20 servers are part of the same cluster, you can buy only for the amount of mail box. Otherwise you have to see how many mail boxes each exchange server has and compares each license accordingly. The seller can check and help you with this.

hi DonKid 

Thank you very much for your help

You can please  explain about this Sentence “ you can buy only for the amount of mail box.”

for example if we have 1000 users, should we license for 1000?

thank so much

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The Kaspersky Security for Exchange server product is licensed by the number of mailboxes you want to protect. For example, you can check under the mail storage to confirm how many mail boxes you have and use that as a reference. There are some minor variations in case you are looking for Kaspersky for mail gateway/Kaspersky Exchange 365 or the on-prem version. I would recommend contacting the sales department and he will check exactly the version of Exchange you use and sell you the correct amount of licenses for what you need.