Kaspersky for Office 365 - Mail Flows [moved]

  • 21 June 2019
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I'm investigating Security for MS Office365 as a replacement for our current Hosted EMail Security service, which comes up for renewal in November.

Looks very good, but I need to understand how it routes in and out of Exchange Online - particularly for outbound email. We have outbound mail flow policies in place on our service that direct outbound
email through a service that applies an email signature, and then a second one which routes all outbound email via a bulk smtp service rather than via Microsoft's own outbound servers. What I need to know is if using your product would disrupt this setup, or simply add an additional layer to it that would then hand off to the other two policies once outbound mail had been scanned.


2 replies

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Could you please clarify what Kaspersky product we are tlking about?
Kaspersky Security for Microsoft Office 365. The cloud product that provides inbound and outbound email security for Exchange Online.