Kaspersky endpoint security cloud on android [MOVED]

  • 18 April 2021
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Hi support team, 

Currently, I am using Kaspersky Endpoint Cloud Plus, and I am trying to deploy Kaspersky on mobile device. I have followed the instruction by going to User and click send instruction to install. 

After that I received email sent from Kaspersky, and I clicked the link from my mobile to download and install Kaspersky Endpoint Security & Management Device from Google Play. After it was installed and opened it I was unable to connect to administration server because I don't know the server address to connect. Please find attach file for the screenshot.


Do you know what is the server address to be connected?

Thanks & Regards,


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9 replies

I thought that it automatically put the IP address in if you clicked the link to install that you received in the email.

I know that you can only use the link once and each device needs to have a separate email link.  Maybe that is the problem?

I have tried many times to use a separate email link but it still has the same problem. Don't we know the server address to be connected manually ? 

I think that the IP that I have is specific to the email that I received so I can’t give it to you.  Sorry.

actually try this.  “Your business ID” can be found at the Kaspersky Business Hub.


Server:  s269.cloud.kaspersky.com/”your business ID”

Port: 13292


I hope that helps.

Hi Justin, 

I have checked my administration server address is s257.cloud.kaspersky.com/…..

I have tried to put this address with correct business ID but I still cannot connect to administration server. Please find the attach file. 

FYI. My phone is Hauwei Nano 5T which cannot be connected to administration server, but when I tried to install it on Samsung device it can connect to administration server automatically (it works). 

I think it's a problem caused by my Hauwei phone? 

Thanks for your help.

Please see my error message and admin server address.

It sounds like it is phone specific.  Try to contact Kaspersky Support directly.  Good luck.

thank you so much Justin. I really appreciate for your kind assistance.

Hi Justin, 

Now i can install it on my Huawei phone. I followed the instruction from Kaspersky Support team. 

Please note that, "Occasionally, during the initial configuration of Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Android on the user's device, the device may fail to connect to Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud. In this case, the user must remove Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Android and install it again. When the app is run for the first time, the user can copy the download link from the email message with the instructions, and then paste it in the Server field." so, if you have followed the steps in the above link, please try to uninstall the application and re-install it by pasting the download link in the (from email) and paste it in the server field.


It works for me now.