Kaspersky endpoint security advance 11 (Event issue)

  • 8 August 2019
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I am using Kaspersky endpoint security advance 11 with 130 uses lic, and getting issue with event.
Event unable to save on my server more then 15 days. I have set the 90 days store time and my database file size is 4GB and current database size is 1.6 GB. I was also share the system info report file to analyze.
I was raised the complaint INC000010663523 for the same but the response is very slow from support team side. I was also requested for escalation matrix but they won't share and told me that they don't have any escalation team.

Kindly take a call and fix the issue.

Prabhash Jha

2 replies


https://tel:+912261992525 (Hindi, English)

Monday to Friday, 10:00 - 18:00 (UTC +5:30)

The above given contact is waste, no one can pick up your call and respond the call.
despite to the DB size you have to check how many events DB is actually handling.
By default the max number of stored events is 400K: it's possible that you're out of this limit...in this case you can easily fix the problem by increasing this value from Admin server properties area.

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