kaspersky endpoint and agent deployment using active directory

  • 27 July 2021
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Hi everyone,


i was wondering about how to deploy kaspersky endpoint security using active directory to the endpoints remotelly, on both kaspersky cloud console and kaspersky security center?

sorry i am still a noob on active directory.


and if not all the endpoints are on the domain how can i remotely deploy on them?



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2 replies

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Greetings Ahmed_Siddig0,

You can deploy KES Cloud using Active Directory following these steps:

You can follow these steps for the Security Center:

With the security center, if the computers are on the domain, then you can poll the computers, and you can deploy using that list, On MMC->Device Discovery->Poll (Windows or AD).

I hope this information helps.


Hi Mr. Jose P,

Thanks for your response.

for the KSC scenario the MSI package is only for the network agent right, there is no MSI package for the kaspersky endpoint security or for the package which contains both right?


and what about the case of a workgroup how can i remotely deploy on that?


Thanks again,