Kaspersky Endpoint 10 migration to a new server

  • 3 April 2019
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We already have Kaspersky Endpoint 10 (10.3.407) server in our company but now we need to do migration to a new server (we will shutdown old server). New server will not have the same name and IP like previous one.
Database is stored localy (same server as endpoint) - sql server express

I installed kaspersky endpoint server on a new machine and also did backup/restore database from old to a new one (successfully). When I try to login in a new server console I got this error:

Connection to Administration server failed.
Administration server was improperly installed or invalid server address was specified.
Try to specify another server address and connect again.

I also found options in create task on old enpoint server to "Change Administration Server"
Do I need to create/run this task first before I can successfully login in to Admin console on a new server?

Where did I go wrong? Am I missing any steps?

1 reply

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hello @Nejc-Halcom

KSC server migration must have OLD KSC server name and IP address. Then the old database will work.

Otherwise you have to do klmover and klnagchk command on every Client PCs then on KSC find those from Unassigned device and drag those devices to Managed Devices.

Thanks in Advance