Kaskersky Endpoint Security Cloud blocking Oracle 18c XE connection [MOVED]

Dear ALL,

I have an application installed on a Win Server 2012 R2 and Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud is blocking it after the connection is stablished with Oracle 18c XE.

The application and Oracle are installed on the same VM.

I included the app as an exclusion in “Host Intrusion Prevention“ checked with the following parameters:

  • Do not scan opened files
  • Do not monitor application activity
  • Do not scan network trafic

Furthermore, at “Threats and Exclusions” session “Virus scan exclusions” I added the app with the following configurations:

Name or name mask of file or folder:


I did not checked any option at “Protection components”


When running the app Kaspersky block it by auto defense.


Can anybody assist me?


Many thanks,



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