is Kasper Security Center integrate with kasper endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)

  • 10 January 2022
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I have Kasper Endpoint Security Center installed and working fine, I just want to know that is Kasper Security Center is integrable with Kasper endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)? because, one of our local vendors told us that it's not possible to integrate Kasper EDR with the Kasper endpoint security center. I already have a Kasper security center and I also want Kasper EDR for better protection of our endpoint users and servers. 
Your guidance is required please help and suggest. 
Thank you all. 

6 replies

Yes, it's possible. Starting with Kaspersky Endpoint Security 11.7 for Windows, the Endpoint has built-in EDR capabilities. If you already has the old Endpoint Agent that was responsible for the EDR capabilities, you can use a wizard to migrate the configuration for the Endpoint Security. Although you can only manage it through web console with the appropriate web-plugin installed and it also requires KSC 13.2.


thank you sir for your reply, my previous version of Kasper security Center is 13.0 and Endpoint for windows version is 11.6 now i have upgraded the kasper security center 13 to 13.2 and endpoint windows version is now 11.7. i got the option inside the upgration but i am only able to install the Detection and response Endpoint agent i need also “Endpoint Detection and Respose Optimum, ” but when i am check this option its says that your endpoint agent component is not compatible with the dection and response and sandbox.  

please guide how can i active this option, should i need to upgrade my endpoint security center license or  what ? please guide accordingly.


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With the KES 11.7 release, we have 3 agents, one for each solution.
You need to install the agent as per your license.
If you have KATA, choose the first option.
If you have EDR-O, choose the second option.
If you have Sandbox, choose the third option.

I don’t think will you need of these others components anymore. At least is what Kaspersky documentation suggests.


Alright Sir, DonKid,

So, as per your reply i dont need “Endpoint Detection & Response Optimum” option right?  Dectection and response Endpoint agent will work the same. I have the Kasper Endpoint Security Center Standard Edtion, so its just showing this option as per my license type right?

Okay now i am able to see the below option in my Security Center admin panel

could you please guide how can i enable settings under Endpoint Sensor. I mean in the what will the setting of endpoint sensor and how to access it. Please guide.



@shahzad40 this screen that you’re showing is to configure KATA, not EDR. To configure EDR before the Endpoint Security 11.7, we needed to go to the endpoint agent policie and set the agent configuration there. Now, with 11.7 you have those option on the Web Console:

You can find all EDR settings that used to be in the older Endpoint Agent options on the last screen:

You need to have the Endpoint Optimum license in order to be able to use EDR. On the last quart of the past year, I remember that Kaspersky has launched The Kaspersky Optimum Security package, that included in the same license the Endpoint Security, the EDR Optimum and Kaspersky MDR.