Installation task not reporting back

  • 15 April 2019
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Hi is there anyone else have the problem that the installation task does not pass
agent version
trying to install Deploy Kaspersky Endpoint Security 11.1 for Windows (11.1.0) (
or Deploy Windows Server Kaspersky Security 10 for Windows Server MMC Consol

7 replies

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Hey Fredrik,

our installation tasks run separately, first Agent, then KES.
Nevertheless, everything runs smoothly here.
We use Agent and KES

Is nothing written to the event log at all?
Is there a connection between Agent and KSC?
If necessary, run klnagchk.exe -sendhb in the directory of the Network Agent on the client as administrator to verify & establish a connection.
Then run the installation task again.

Post the output of klnagchk if this does not fix the problem.
Please anonymize IP address or server name to ensure privacy of your company.


If I check the install log on the server I get an installation error but ksc still thinks I am transefering files to the server.
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Hey Fredrik,

Okay, I've checked with us internally.
We have a current project with a bigger customer (Endpoint Security for Business Advanced) and a colleague of mine has the same problems you've described with installation of KES and Network Agent

In his opinion, it could be either
  • the Admin$ Share on the affected client,
  • GPOs,
  • Windows Firewall
  • or another AV program.
Maybe this could also be applicable to your infrastructure.
Please provide us the installation & error logs.

If these approaches do not help, an incident must be opened at Kaspersky Lab Support.
Be sure to keep us informed about your problem, it could affect other users as well.

Kind regards,
I have raised a case regarding this with Kaspersky. so we will se what they say.
I am not using gpos or to my knowledge the admin$ share.
it could be a firewall issue. but I did not have this issue with previous version of the network agent.
I have asked a co worker to test a similar installation but with the older agent but on same server and same software to be installed.

I have a nagging suspicion that we have a patch wait for
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The Admin$ Share is used to copy the installation files from the Administration Server to the respective client. If the permissions here are not sufficient, the installation task cannot be executed.

I'm looking forward to the answer of the support and your co worker - Keep us up to date! 😄

Have a nice evening,
I still have this issue. and i dont realy know what the cause is but. the installatin task does not get updated correct regardless of the result of the installation. and version of the agent performing the installation. i forgot i have this thread so i have opened another thread.
was a agent policy vs ksc administration policy mismatch that caused one network port not to be open. all corrected now

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