Inquiries regarding the misdetection on document DRM protection

  • 16 July 2019
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The document is unavailable due to the misdetection of Kaspersky on Softcamp Korea's Document DRM Protection.


Since the zip file is simply a compressed file, our module does not interfere when the file(zip) is extracted to 'exe'.

If setting an exception doesn't help solve the problem, please check if you can add it to the exception list with the binary "SOMDOCUMENT12345".
Thank you.

For your information,
I have reported via VirusDesk the same kind of misdetection, and it was solved after the report.
However, Kaspersky is still misdetecting the other documents which are identical to the one that I had reported before.

KES11.0.1.90 GSI
KES10.3.3.275 GSI

5 replies

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Hello Beast,
  • If there's a misdetection (false positive) & it's submitted via a logged case, the case will not be closed automatically, unless, when the Lab replies, a followup query is not sent within 7 days.
  • We (the Community) cannot add exceptions, you either do it via the software, if that's not possible you escalate to the Lab and ask them to do it, if they can they will, if they can't, they will advise you the reason why.
I want to know how to request the laboratory. :)

help me! T^T
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Thank you for your help.
Please send me the info(how to contact the Lab) when you can.

Have a nice day.

Thank you. 🙂
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Please send me the info(how to contact the Lab)
I've sent you pm, if you can reply I'll post here asap.
Thanks so much!