I need advice for connecting to Kaspersky MDM(android)

  • 16 October 2019
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I need advice for connecting to Kaspersky MDM(android)… plz


I am going to connect Kaspersky MDM with Android only.

So I opened ports 13292, 17100, 8060 on the Firewall.

In addition, Firebase entered the Sender ID and Server key into the Central Management Server.

As a result, there was a connection between the Android smartphone and the central management server.

However, there is no forced synchronization using the Firebase Developers Console. Syncing directly from your smartphone freezes on certain screens (shutting down ... complete)


The set value is captured and uploaded to the attached file.


My smartphone is Galaxy Note 8

Android version 9


Please advise………….

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Could you please clarify what version of KSC do you use?

Thank you!

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