How to offline activation [MOVED]

  • 5 March 2021
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I just bought Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud 10 nodes and got email with activation code.

One of server I installed KES is Windows Server 2012 file server without internet access.

I don’t know how to find the key file which is not in the mail from Kaspersky.

How can I offline activate it with the code? Or what’s the activation server ip address, so I can whitelist it on router.


2 replies

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Hi @SnowyCanada,

you can always download key file based on your activation key from Kaspersky website:

Kaspersky → claim the key file

 see more at this article.


Let us know if it helped :)



I got answer from Kaspersky Support is

“Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud, where internet access is one of the main requirements for activation and update. If you are looking for a product that uses the key file as an activation method, I suggest Kaspersky Endpoint Security Select, in which the key files are provided in addition to the activation code that requires Internet access."