How to install KES Cloud Plus client package 11.7 without having to uninstall "incompatible" software

  • 6 January 2022
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Hi everyone,

We are starting with Cloud Client. We have Windows 10 clients, all working from outside the corporate network; computers were created in local AD, but now they’re all working in M365 connected with Azure AD.

From the Cloud we created and send mail to clients download the install package. But then we have to access the computers, to act as admin, and we have to uninstall a VPN client that is not compatible with the install procedure (even with VPN off, it obliges to remove and afterwards reinstall).

I’ve seen that there is a command line procedure to install a regular KES (non Cloud) and avoid the incompatible applications. But it doesn’t work with this executable package for Cloud.

Is there a way to install KES client, Cloud package, without having to unistall incompatible applications?

Thanks for your help. Regards,

2 replies

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Please, open a ticket here.

Please, open a ticket here.

Hi DonKid,

Done it!


Thank you.