How get access to the admin console

  • 13 January 2022
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In our company we have some licenses of Endpoint Security and an admin console, but the person that has the access to the admin console was fired, and he used his personal phone as second factor of authentication, so when I use his user to reset the password, the system ask me for a code sent to the personal phone of this person, but I don’t have access to that phone.

In that context, How can I get access to the admin console? I need to add new licenses to our suscription, but a I can’t because of the problem with the access to the admin console.

3 replies

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When you purchased the product, you received an -email with the activation key.

Please check this email.

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Please, open a ticket here.

Please, open a ticket here.


Hi @DonKid ,


I entered to the link and I tried to create an account, but it’s needed an activation key, and I don’t have any activation key. How can I create an account?