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  • 17 March 2020
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Friends, can someone help me: we bought KSC 11 and installed it on a server, with several terminals directed to the server correctly.
What are the basic tasks that you need to have to run automatically?
Thank you!

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Please make sure, that

  1. Administration server repository update task isconfigured correctly
  2. KES update task is configured correctly and is suitable for KES versions you use
  3. Virus scan task is presrent and it also is suitable for installed KES version.
  4. Also please make sure, that you have confugured KES policies according to your needs and they are applied to necessary groups.

These are basic tasks that should be configured for proper protection.

Show! Thank you!
I applied these tasks and they are running perfectly. I will now study new, more advanced tasks.
Good Morning!


I’d also add to create and schedule regularly “Backup of Administration Server data” task - remember, when installing KSC it automatically generates unique certificate, which is then used for key features (SSL communication with clients, Data Encryption). Without having a backup, you lose the original certificate and you would need to reinstall KSC with all clients! :smiling_imp:

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