Hardware Inventory [Moved]

  • 12 April 2019
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How can I enable hardware inventory, so that I can get details of PC's hardware components?

We use KSC 10.5 and KES 11


5 replies

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Hi @Zinou and welcome to new Kaspersky Community.

Take a look at this online tutorial.

Or this way.
Thank you.
I did run this report, but when I go to the PC properties I can't see the hardware details !

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Okay so you opened Kaspersky Security 10 Console then to "administrator server" then go to "reports" then to "configure report delivery" then to "report on hardware registry" should open now.
Thank you..
The problem is not the report.

My question is how can I see the hardware details, in the Hardware registry of the device preperties? I think there is an option to enable in the policy or elsewhere.

I need to see this:

I took the screenshot from another KSC server.

on my KSC console, when I go to managed devices -> device properties -> Hardware registry, I only see hardware categories but no details :

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Okay try this.
I think it is above the "report on configuration changes"