Google Drive buttons greyed out since upgrading to

  • 20 June 2019
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We recently upgraded some computers from and network agent 10.5.1781 to with network agent

Since doing this we have found that Kasperky is blocking access to parts of Google Drive. We have not been able to work out how to stop this. We do not want to turn off scanning of Google Drive, but just allow the normal functionality.

The top part of the image shows how Google Drive looks when Kaspersky is running. The second part shows how it looks when we disable Kaspersky. Note that the File upload and Folder upload are greyed out and the option of Docs, Sheets and Slides are missing when Kaspersky is enabled.

Running Windows 10 1803 and we have tried this on a couple of computers.

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9 replies

I am running the GSI now and will upload it once done
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Please add GoogleDriveFS.exe to trusted applications and try to reproduce the problem.
Please let us know about result.
Hi Nikolay. That change did not assist. The same results on all computers we tested
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Could you please provide us with a screenshot of settings you`ve made?
Also, please disable KES self-defence and try to reproduce the problem.
Disabling Self Defence made no difference on my computer.

Here is the trusted applications settings. The last two lines are for two possible versions of googleDriveFS.exe with version being the one installed on my computer.

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If you disable all KES components and enable them one-by-one, what component will affect Google Drive normal functionality?

Thank you!
I'm still looking, but this came up in the chrome logs

The requested web page cannot be provided.

Address: https://clients6.google.com/drive/v2b....

The web page has been blocked by the Block Bad Sites rule.

Reason: the web resource belongs to the Torrents content category(-ies) and the Undetermined data type category(-ies).

This web resource is prohibited at the company. If you consider the blocking to be mistaken or if you need to access this web resource, contact the administrator of the local corporate network (Request access).
Message generated on: 25/06/2019 4:07:48 PM
So Google Drive is considered a Torrent. So under security controls > Web Control > add an allow rule for *.google.com/drive/*