Getting KLFLT.sys BSOD [MOVED]

  • 30 August 2019
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about 2 months ago, I updated KSC from version 10 to 11. Since then my virtual servers were acting kinda strange. We're running a serverpark with VMWare. One of the servers affected, we were getting a high CPU usage till it was frozen. The only solution was to hard reboot the server to get it working again. Each day it was getting worse and worse, till you have to boot the server after a hour sometimes even after 10 minutes. This was 4 or 5 times a day. If you do no reboot the affected server on time, another server will be affected and so on. We first sought the problem with our hosts, but support was no avail. Till a week ago, all the servers were getting a klflt.sys BSOD. We removed all the agents and antivirus software with kavremover tool and now 6 days and counting. No boot up issues (klflt.sys BSOD) or high CPU errors and servers frozen in vcenter.
I personally don't the 2 issues are the same, but it's certain that the agent/antivirus software caused it.
I also saw that these issues were addressed in the old forum, but that one is closed now.
What can I double check to avoid this issue in the future?
Our clients pc's are not affected. Please let me what steps I can use.

3 replies

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I updated KSC from version 10 to 11.

Hello @Deadlyizzy
The topic is in Products for Home, Kaspersky Anti-Virus
Are you using Kaspersky "home" software? KAV - Kaspersky AntiVirus & KSC 11?
Please let us know, so the Mods can move your topic, if necessary, to: Products for Business, Kaspersky Corporate Products
https://community.kaspersky.com/kaspersky-corporate-products-27, that way, the Community members with expertise in your software will be happy to help, if they can.

Best regards.
I'm sorry, I've made a mistake. It's not KSC installed on the server, but KES (Kaspersky endpoint security) v11 and the antivirus software pushing to the clients, is named KSC (Kaspersky security center). Sorry for the confusion.
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Hello @Deadlyizzy,
Thank you for posting back🙏🏽
Do not worry, it's easy for the Moderators to move your topic. I have sent them a request.
Best regards.