Generate Report for all endpoints, all applications installed, for all user accounts [MOVED]

  • 3 June 2021
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Hi guys, 

Just need your suggestion to create a report in Kaspersky Security Center. 


I'm managing around 300 devices. 


All I need is a report.


The report consist of, 

1. All the applications installed 

2. The device name 

3. The account (or session) of that device 


I need a report which has all these information. Appreciate any suggestions. 


Thanks in advance 

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2 replies


Hi Apts,

You can generate a report on application registry history that will show you the first two. But there is not a way to combine that with sessions as well in the current version of the Security Center. 

The different fields you can add/remove from the reports are in the properties of the report itself. There are only specific details that can be included within the framework of the report.

To see the sessions on a device in question, the quickest way to do it is to go into the properties of the device in question and look at the session section under system info sub-section. 


To be able to create the application registry report;

  • Open your KSC console
  • Select Administration Server
  • Select ‘Reports’ tab to the right
  • Create new report
  • Select report on application registry history template
  • Review properties of that report to tailor it to your liking as much as it will allow