Error 27101 cannot uninstall encryption module [Moved]

  • 29 April 2019
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A couple of years ago, we tested the encryption module in KESB Total Control for a client, and that not a positive experience unfortunately. The client chose Bitlocker instead for encryption, but they kept the normal Kaspersky KESB Select product for their antivirus needs. All the encryption-related things were reverted in the Security Centre, and life went on.

Now I have here a laptop which has not been used for a while, belongs to that client, and has come to my office for rebuilding. As part of the process, I'm trying to uninstall the "AES encryption Module (256 bit)" programme, but I'm getting "Error 27101: artifacts of authentication agent operation in test mode" and I cannot uninstall it.

If I try to uninstall KESB (I guess this laptop has been sitting in a drawer for a long time!) I get "Error 27101: drives with authentication agent installed in test mode" and I cannot uninstall it either.

Rebuilding from scratch is a an option, but I am unsure of where the drive encryption sits: I believe that it is active before Windows starts, in which case, rebuilding is probably not going to fix the problem, is it?

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3 replies

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please provide us with a complete GSI report (including Windows logs) of the affected client.
You can then share it via getsysteminfo.com.

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Objects and data may remain on the system hard drive after test operation of Authentication Agent only in exceptional cases. For example, this can happen if the computer has not been restarted after a Kaspersky Security Center policy with encryption settings was applied, or if the application fails to start after test operation of Authentication Agent.

Please read the following articles and follow the appropriate steps. You should make a backup of your operating system before doing this:
Of course, you can also simply reinstall the operating system, the drive encryption does not cause you any problems here.