Endpoint Security Cloud and Microsoft Intune / Office 365

  • 3 April 2020
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Trialing KESC as a potential replacement for Symantec WSS. Our environment is AzureAD joined machines with Intune MDM. At the moment KESC is blocking Intune Sync when it is on and running. Wonder if there is anyone with the similar experience and can share their thoughts.


6 replies


We have narrowed down to:

Security profiles > Default > Advanced > Threats and Exclusions

and disable “Encrypted Connections Scan”

So in theory, if we add *.microsoft.com as the trusted domain it should do the sync.

But it doesn’t...

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Could you please provide us with a screenshot(s) of the settings you`ve made?

Thank you!


Hello, hope you are all well.

We still have an issue with the Failing Sync. Have tried with no luck to exclude from any type of scanning the Microsoft Intune Management Extension (service which is responsible for the sync).

Would like to register for Kaspersky Tech Support but it does require an activation code (trial versions not supported?).

There are still plenty of tests to be done before we can make a decision on the product, but at the moment we are hitting a brick wall.

Appreciate any help/advice

Many thanks

Same problem here…

Any solution?


Yes, the solution was adding “*.r.manage.microsoft.com”. Learned this one from Connection info on AD joined machine under Management Server Address.

Hope it helps.

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