Enable Ping and mapping shared folder from VPN remote access [moved]

  • 13 November 2019
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I’m new for the K world.

I have KSC11 for my network on a dedicated server. I have installed the client side on all Windows servers. Now I have a problem for access to this servers from VPN. We have a VPN configured that give to remote client the IP address. After client vpn connection (Cisco Anyconnect), I can go in RDP on this servers but not ping or more important, go to shared folder (for ex.: \\server01\data\shared\…...) .

I see that on this server the firewall now is managed by KSC. If I disable the Kaspe client (exit from try icon ), I can ping and go to shared.

How I can enable ping and shared mapping? I can do it only for some servers or I have to do it for all?

Thank you.


8 replies

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Hello @Paulaner2019,


Your topic is in Products for Home, Kaspersky Anti-Virus, however, Kaspersky
Security Center 11
, is from Kaspersky’s Business product range, can you let me know please, are you using KSC11 in a business environment please?

Thank you:pray_tone3:


Yes we are in a business environment. More or less 50 clients and 15 servers.

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Hello  @Paulaner2019,

Thank you for confirming:pray_tone3:

Your topic has been moved to Kaspersky Corporate Products


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Please clarify, what product do you use on server side? KES or KSWS ?

Also, please describe the versions of this product.

Thank you!


on server side:

Kaspersky Security Center

AO Kaspersky Lab


yesterday we installed on another client (app server ,win server 2016 ) and K blocked the software installed on it!!! help…..

Why default installation of K is so strong?



Any suggestions?

My target is to customize the client side for a specific client.

How I can do this?



It should be ok. I insert the network of vpn pool in trusted network and now it works.



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