EDR-O Network Isolation takes forever



I’m using EDR-O and testing network isolation function.

Kaspersky Endpoint Agent’s policy settings goes like below

After isolation starts, it won’t end. Though I waited for more than 30 mins, my device was still isolated. Can you tell me why this happens and how to solve this problem?


For what it’s worth, I’m using a connection gateway.


Thanks in advance.


Yasutoshi Takayama

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Hi @Yasutoshi Takayama ,


In order to turn off isolation, please follow the step here:

Open host with KSC
Open the device list at the ISOLATED FORM NETWORK tag.
Click “View devices”
Click on the device name.
To remove the isolation, turn off the tag.
Open ‘Tags’ tab
Check ‘Isolated from network’ Tag and click ‘Unassign tag’
Open device property
->’Devices/Managed Devices-> Click <Device name>’
Open ‘Application’ tab
Click ‘Kaspersky Endpoint Agent’
Open ‘Application Settings->Network isolation’ tab.
Click ‘General’.
uncheck the "Isolate current device from the network"
click ‘OK’
Click ‘Save’
After these steps, the isolation is turned off



Thank you for your support!!!

I understand how to turn off the isolation. 

But I’m still wondering why “Automatically disable network isolation” function doesn’t work. Do you have any idea on that?


Thank you in advance.

Yasutoshi Takayama


Greetings Yasutoshi,

You can find information about network isolation here:

About network isolation in Kaspersky Endpoint Agent

Configuring automatic disabling of network isolation

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