Download updates to repository task - not updating all components

  • 29 April 2020
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I am having problems with the download updates to repository task on the administration server, which is not able to update all components.


Security center 11 ( patches a, b installed.


Clients using endpoint security (


I have attempted this both though the security center task and through the manual update utility and get the same error. I have attached the log from the update utility and it seems to be complaining about permissions to retranslate some files?

3 replies



there is no update for them yet


Seems unlikely, why would it be complaining about not having permission to re-translate a file if there was no update available? We have been running this task for years and never seen this error before.

Another thing to add is it is taking an age to complete. Last night it took over 4 hours when this would usually take 5-10 mins max.


This is still taking 4 hours to complete every day?


This seems to constantly appear in the task event log while it is running - Failed to verify the file signature. 'https://s14.upd.kaspersky.com/updates


Does anyone have any ideas why this might be?

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