Does anybody really use KES for Mac/Linux?

  • 15 February 2021
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For compliance reasons we have to use antivirus and ids/ips on our workstations.

I do understand that Windows is the focus area of Kaspersky, so having painful experience with Macs and Ubuntu is kind of expected. At the same time I see virtually no activity about these platforms here in community.

Has anyone succeeded in making KES Mac/Lin work without klnagent hangs, loss of control, mystic antivirus resource hogs etc?

Or do you people have any better product suggestions for Mac/Linux instead? Frankly, I am quite happy on Windows but not on other platforms.

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2 replies

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Looks like KES for Mac is a hyper-popular product ;-/

Investigating F-Secure alternative.

We keep attempting to Nurse KES for MAC but not very good luck.

Example: when a MACBook goes to sleep, then is awakened, KES works but KLNAgent dos NOT.

So from the perspective of the Security center it acts like KES is Dead, but it is actually only the KLNAgent not talking. 

A restart of the Agent or a restart of the OS does fix it for a short time.

But MAC people believe that a restart does Not need to occur.