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  • 8 August 2019
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One of our computers using KES 11 keeps filling up with .srv and other Kaspersky files which I have to clear down every week. I cant seem to work hot why it is happening as it does not happen with the other computers running under the same policies. At the moment I have one .srv file that is 170GB in size.

Any ideas?

Windows 10

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That's excellent.

Appreciate the help. Worked perfectly.
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4 replies

if you're talking about something similar to this one
KES. (maybe your OS is set to hide file name extensions)
then KES11 tracing system is still turned on and keeps on recording its activities: in this case it would be enough to turn it off from Support area within the product GUI.
Was hoping I could find the entry in Security centre as the applications are not user accessible by default.
Yes, you should work with KSC Remote Diagnostic Utility: screenshot attached

That's excellent.

Appreciate the help. Worked perfectly.

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