Devices sometimes become unmanaged after rebooting

  • 31 May 2021
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I’m using KSC13 in LAN and a connection gateway in DMZ.

I created 2 types of network agent.

  1. Network Agent which uses the connection gateway
  2. Network Agent which connects to KSC13 directly

When I install 1 in my laptop, every time I reboot the machine, it becomes “unmanaged”.

When using 2, it doesn’t happen.


Do you have any idea/suggestion?

Any reply would be appreciated.


Yasutoshi Takayama


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3 replies

  1. A laptop is registered via connection gateway
  2. Make and run any task (e.g. apply license, install some applications)
  3. Reboot the laptop
  4. The laptop becomes unmanaged
  5. In the task history, no device is assigned

I guess after it becomes unmanaged, it is treated and registered again as a new device. Actually it is same device, but in KSC it is recognized as a new device.


Thanks in advance.

Yasutoshi Takayama


Hello Yasutoshi,


Please check the properties of the installation package you are using for the connection gateway devices. There are options to optimize for VDI infrastructure that should NOT be selected. Having these options selected are intended for non-persistent VDI devices and will wipe the machine data in KSC and the next time it boots it will be registered as a new device. This would show the original option in the KSC as unmanaged as you are describing.

Hello DMorg24,


As you said, I mistook the NA installer setting. I recreated NA installer without VDI options and used it, everything started to work properly. Thank you very much for your advice! You made my day.


Yasutoshi Takayama