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  • 27 August 2019
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I have kaspersky center 10 and have more critical status but all requirements for these devices are completed ( database up to date and scan ) although appear critical status for these devices .

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Could you please provide us with a screenshot of devices statuses and with GSI log from on of devices?
Thank you!
this is device status rep and major of these devices don't have any problem

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Thank you for that info!

Could you please confirm that local interface shows that Databases are up-to-date?
Could you also confirm that you do have proper update tasks for all KES versions installed?
I created tasks for all versions and all tasks completed and force synchronization for devices completed update database but the devices show as critical status ( database out of date )

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Thank you for that info!

For further investigation please do the following:
  • Clear updates repositoty at KSC(RMC at updates repository - clear)
  • Run KSC Update repository task and make sure it completed successfully
  • At any local host with "critical" status start KES traces
  • Run KES update task locally or remotely and wait for it to complete
  • Make sure that bases are not updated
  • Make sure that *HST* KES trace file is created
  • Stop traces and provide us with full set of KES trace files(*SRV*, *HST* and *GUI*)
Thank you!