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  • 17 August 2021
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Dear sir,


I am a software developer. And my company provide me a machine with Kaspersky End-point Security.

The issue I have is whenever I need to launch my application and debug it, every few minutes, I fall for Self-Signed certificate errors, which seeing that is sometime hurtful.

Are there any mode such as developer mode, which a limited user like me can also activate on the machine (I currently granted Local Admin permission due to remote work, but naturally we are User, and network admins are not available all the times).

That this mode could help developer to experience a better User Experience? 
The issue may seem to be OK temporarily, but it hurts while debugging, and I may need to ask my CTO to grant me permission to remove this software.


Thank you,


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3 replies

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Hello Hassan,

You can ask your Kaspersky Admin to grant you permission to be able to pause Protection or Exit KES during debugging your software than re-enable it after you are done. 


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Pausing and re-enabling it is just the same as the dialog that give me few minutes.
Also most of my search or downloads happen when I have an issue or I’m looking for something, so practically that's the worse time to disable protections.

but if you could add features related to development, like a self signed certificate, which is created based on this machine key, hardly have to do anything with malicious software.

Or I saw previously that some antivirus-es disallow file access over LAN, when you configured your system to grant LAN access.


You see, some of thing are not great idea to be exists forcefully, and when someone put it there, should also put a switch.

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The only part of Kaspersky WS that I had to turn off on developers’ machines was Encrypted Connection Scanning. Turning it off… well… remarkably decreases your level of protection in the web surfing world, but does solve the typical developer’s certificate troubles, so you do not need to turn Kaspersky off fully. And to get web protection back you can surf in a virtual machine (reverting it every now and then) and installing AV into it, too :)

Some additional exclusions to the scan scope based on your development environment setup are often favorable for performance but are not mandatory.