Deploying third party software through KSC 12 stuck at 38%

  • 12 February 2021
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Hello everyone,


I am trying to deploy a third party software through KSC 12 on a remote machine running a KSC network agent but it freezes at 38% while “setup started”:


Ending in one error after a hour:

Remote installation has been completed with an error on this device: Task execution timeout


How do you usually handle remote deployments of third party softwares installation through KSC network agent?

3 replies

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Hi @marafado88,

and how did you create that installation package? In my experience, it might happen due to incomplete setup - most likely the command line might be missing (EULA, silent installation).. When you start the installation, it might get stuck in installation wizard, waiting for user interaction, you get it? :nerd:

So, for example:

PF6076 installation package​​​​​​

And this is the commandline:

Installation Settings → command line


Maybe you can share printscreen of that installation package properties/settings.



Hello Milan,

Ah ok, msiexec arguments are needed. I tried with your argument setup but no luck. Knowing that I will try other arguments to see what works.




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Hi @marafado88,

of course exactly same commands won’t work ;) it was just an example. I always lookup the correct command line on Internet and it’s specific for each installation …


Take care and let me know if it works :)