Deploying OS Images

  • 16 May 2019
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I have been having trouble deploying a few software packages through the KSC. I am curious how well OS Image deployment works, so that i can possibly prep a computer with the problematic software and use an image from that machine to deploy on new machines. Does anyone have experience using this feature?

4 replies

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have been having trouble deploying a few software packages through the KSC

Could you please describe the problem with more details?
Which version of KCS do you use?
I am currently running KSC 11. We have an older version of some software called Metaviewer, and another application called IBM iSeries that we use. Both of those applications fail to deploy from the installation packages I created within KSC. There error it gives is something along the lines of The Task has exceeded time limit. If there is something more I can do to get better information, let me know and I would be happy to rebuild the installation packages and redeploy them to try and gather more information.

At this point I have reset my Windows installation on our test machine to try going the route of installing all of the software, and building a deployment image from KSC, if the software is able to accomplish this.

I am open to whichever route sounds like it will best accomplish this task. Ideally if there is a way to get the installation tasks to work, thats the simplest. However, the iSeries task almost always requires a restart before it will even start the task. I.E. Double click the installation icon, it starts the normal questions like disk location etc, and then says there is a pending system restart required before you can install. You restart the machine, and then you can start over and it will install fine. It will give this message even if you just restarted the machine prior to trying to install the software. So I don't think we will be able to get this application to install through auto deploy, unless someone knows some fancy tricks 🙂
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So, the problem is to install Metaviewer and IBM iSeries or deploy the whole OS image?
I cannot deploy those individual applications. So my question became, is the Image Deployment through Kaspersky a solid option. I have tried other Image Deployment options that turned out to be a waste of time. So I was looking for opinions on how well it works in this software. Unless someone has an idea of how to get the install packages to work for those 2 programs, my plan was to install all needed software, including those two applications, and grab the image for future deployments of the software.