Data Leakage Prevention

  • 8 January 2022
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Does anyone know if it’s in Kaspersky’s road map adding DLP capabilities to KES in order to the Endpoint be able to detect data patterns on files, clipboard, etc and prevent data movement based on rules? (It would be interesting if it came with pre-set templates). I’m asking it because I work for a Kaspersky reseller in Brazil and a lot of customers pointed that a much cheaper endpoint has this capability (we were able to revert the potential lost deal showing all the other advantages and capabilities of KES and I also managed to convince some customers in using web filter control and device control to block and monitor the manipulation of certain types of files and the use of the reports to track the potential data leakage, but that’s not quite well a complete DLP solution).

A feature that I also miss a lot is the possibility to make lookups of websites categories defined by KSN and to send a requests for revaluaton of the website in the case it isn't put in the most appropriate category.

Thanks in advance if someone in Kaspersky Engineering/Project teams has this information, because i couldn’t obtain a conclusive answer of the LATAM assistance team wich we use to interact with.

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