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  • 29 November 2019
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Hello, i have activated alerts for connected and disconnected usb devices (HD, pen drive etc ..) in KES policy.

But I notice continuous notifications of connected USB devices.

Looking at which devices happen, i noticed that they are PCs or notebooks with card readers installed (SD, MMC etc ...).

KES detects the connection of these card readers regularly every few minutes and sends the notification.

i’m using KSC 11 patch B ant clients have KES with pf7506.

Is there a way to avoid this particular events?



This is the alert:

Si è verificato l'evento Il dispositivo è connesso sul computer PC NAME del dominio DOMAIN NAME alle venerdì 29 novembre 2019 13:17:54 (GMT+01:00)

Event type:     the device is connected

Device\Device category:     Data Bus

Device\Device type/Bus Type:     USB

User:     domain\user

Risultato\Decisione:     Allow

Risultato\Operazione:     Allow

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