Copying files from file server to computer

  • 3 June 2021
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i know i can use script to run on computer.


I did a test using a BAT that has the command to copy the share directory (UNC) to the computer's C:\.


But I run the task it says it did, but the directory didn't appear.


what am I doing wrong?



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2 replies


Hi Sandro,

I think you are referring to building an installation package based on a .bat file and running this as an installation task to the target devices?

I understand that the .bat file is a command to copy files from a UNC path to the C:\ of target device correct?

If so, please keep in mind the installation task will execute under the “System” account and it will copy the script locally to the C:\Windows\Temp directory and execute it there. Please be sure that the .bat file will execute properly under those conditions. 

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From my experience, the started bat cannot access smb shares since it cannot authenticate to the smb server (since it is running as local SYSTEM account), maybe a share which is accessible by everyone might help.

However, you can upload the data, which should be copied, into the installation package and copy it (locally) to the right destination (KSC copies the whole installation package folder to the destination computer anyway).