Controll of wi-fi connection: wi-fi bus blocked

  • 30 January 2020
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Hello, i would like to prevent certain devices from connecting to unauthorized wi-fi networks (such as smartphone hotspots).

Under "Device Control" I activated the restrictions by entering the SIDs of the allowed wi-fi networks but the Notebook i’m testing can‘t connect because KES blocks the Wi-FI bus:

Si è verificato l'evento Connessione dispositivo bloccata sul computer NAME del dominio XXX alle giovedì 30 gennaio 2020 14:10:39 (GMT+01:00)

Tipo evento:     Connessione dispositivo bloccata

Dispositivo\Categoria dispositivo:     Dispositivo

Dispositivo\Tipo di dispositivo/tipo di bus:     Wi-Fi

Dispositivo\ID dispositivo:     PCI\VEN_168C&DEV_0032&SUBSYS_E044105B&REV_01\4&b40b749&0&00E0

Utente:     XXX\USERNAME (Non definito)

Risultato\Decisione:     Blocca

Risultato\Operazione:     Connetti


I can’t add this bus to the trusted devices in “Device Control” because when i serach with the Notebook name that bus is not listed.



I have no other active exclusions in “Device Control” of this policy.

This is the policy:


3 replies



Would you please describe n details how exactly have you set up the WIFI block? 

Is it possible for you to maybe block not the WIFI bus itself but only certain WIFI devices? 


Hello Ivan, i have not blocked any wi-fi bus.

KES blocks wi-fi bus instead of checking the wi-fi network you are trying to connect to.

The policy under “Device type” is exactly as you see it in the screenshot.

I double clicked "wi-fi" and entered the trusted wi-fi networks.

I have tried that policy on three different notebooks and the result does not change.

I have opened a ticket with kaspersky support: INC000011236116.

Hello, I had chosen the wrong Wi-Fi type of authentication, now it works.


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