Computer : database are outdated

  • 11 July 2019
  • 3 replies

god day for all ,
kindly be informed that im using kasper security center Version:
im my environment i have more than 100 computer connected to kasper security center .
before some days i facing problem with one PC only i see the Message" database are outdated "
note : network agent version : and application version :

your support is highly appreciated

3 replies

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Could you please clarify are there any errors or issues with Admin server update task or with group update task(s)?
Have you tried to update KES from Kaspersky servers directly over internet? Were there any errors?
thanks nikolay for your replay
all tasks working normal , all pcs tack update and scanning only this device
admin server update who can i check ?
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Thank you for that info!

Could you please provide us with an export of both task reports - group KES usdate task amd Admin server update task?
Thank you!