Clients showing in KSC11 console as inaccessible

  • 14 January 2020
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I have one client that is a Windows 10 workstation but shows up as Linux in the Managed Devices list in KSC.  When I check device accessibility it says it is inaccessible.  Remote installation of KES or the network agent fails because it says it is not compatible with this OS.  It resolves to the correct IP address for the computer.  I have another client that shows the OS correctly as Windows 10 in KSC but otherwise exhibits the same behavior.  The KES client cannot be installed remotely on that one either.

klactgui.exe does not show these workstations in my list of available workstations.  

KSC 11 was recently upgraded from KSC 10 on the same server, the remaining 30 workstation clients have all been upgraded successfully.  My KSC version is

3 replies

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 It resolves to the correct IP address for the computer.

Could you please confirm that IP address could be correctly resolved to domain name and back?

Thank you!

I am having the exact same problem. I have upgraded from KSC 10 to 11 and later all the clients to KES 11. Those computers were running Windows seven. I have upgraded most of them to Windows 10.

Now, those computers running Windows 10 show up as not available



while the (only in this moment) computer still in Windows 7 shows up as it should



As you requested I verified that the computers are accessible through its names and IPv4 addresses:


This is the computer that does connect
This is one of the computer that does not


So, the only difference I see is the operating system. I upgraded the four computers in the image



And when I look into one of those computers I find that KSC 11 does not know (as of yet) they are no longer Windows 7 boxes, but Windows 10 boxes.



What have I been doing wrong? I think I have not followed a certain procedure for KSC 11 to “discover” the news inside its network, but I can not figure out how to do that.


Thanks in advances.



I have a little more on isigth into this problem. The issue is with the Kaspersky Agent Windows service. It is installed and running in the Windows 7 box.



However it is not in the Windows 10 box.



When I did install the agent it was working as it allowed me to install KES 11 from the KSC 11 in the network server. 

So after I send the order to install KES 11, the service was lost from the Windows 10 boxes.




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