Cant delete Software Updates from Admin Console

  • 26 July 2020
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Hello All,


I am running KSC Patch B


My disk drive is almost full, I’ve tracked it down to be the FTServer folder.

I’ve tried to delete all the files from Admin Console under Advanced > Application Management > Software updates.


There is 28420 objects. I pressed CTRL + A to select all. Then right click and selected Delete update update files.

I then get a message to say they have been queued for removal and that they will deleted a few minutes.

I’ve left this for over a day and still its showing the same number of files.

I have restarted KSC and also the machine.

What I have noticed is that I have gained 15GB in file space on the drive. However there is still 15GB being used. I was using this as a patch server for other applications but management have moved me over to GFI so no longer need to use KSC for patch management.


How can I get KSC to remove all these unneeded files?




1 reply

It would seem that a few minutes in Kaspersky terms is a few days.

Two days later they are all gone.

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