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  • 26 April 2019
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Can you give me some reason or causing why the license of KES10 turns to blacklisted?

Thank you.

4 replies

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Could you please describe your problem in more details.

Thank you!

When I check the license on the KES interface it show the license is black list although I already fixed the issue but I want to know what is the reason or causing of this issue.

Thank you.
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'Black list' of key files is a database that contains the information about key files which cannot be used by Kaspersky Lab software any more. There is a number of ways a key can end up in this database:
  • The key has been replaced with a new one as malfunctioning;
  • The key has been replaced with a new one after being activated on a computer with incorrect system time/date;
  • The key has been replaced with a new one as stolen;
  • The key was available on pirate servers (for free download).
  • Overcome the number of licensed teams.
The 'black list' of key files is named blst. This file is downloaded and saved along with databases (anti-virus, anti-spam, network attacks). Kaspersky Lab software cannot function without a 'black list' file.Kaspersky Lab software stops functioning and notifies hereof:

  • if there is no blst file on your PC;
  • if the file blst is damaged;
  • if the Kaspersky Endpoint Security you have installed is using a key file from the 'black list';
If there is no blst on your PC or it is damaged, start an update task to download it again.

If you think your license key has been mistakenly added to the 'black list', please send it along with the purchase information (date, place, and all the documents confirming this purchase) to Kaspersky Lab Technical Support service.

Please open a support ticket in the Kaspersky Company Account.

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Hi there,

You may check you \\KSC_Server\KLSHARE share if there is any directory story the .key file...

Anybody in you network may have copy and diffused this file.