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  • 15 July 2019
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hi i think i hvae mention this in an earlier post. but currently i have 2 issues.
  1. since upgrading to the latest ksc i have multiple installation tasks that not reports back to the ksc server at 2% and if my memory serves me right this is regardless of version on agent but as i have already upgraded most servers to network agent 11 the issue is mostly common there. anyone else have this experience? currently I am holding off upgrading any of my servers untill i can confirm this works.
  2. the second thing. does anyone else have an issue with servers not updating correctly.
what i can deduce is that one update seams to be diconnected halfway and only update some index files and that makes the client think there is no newer updates so the task does not fail it just can not identify newer updates. can i force the task to update the files anyway??

Fredrik Buchanan

7 replies

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Could you please provide us with full GSI report from one of affected hosts?
Hi. here is the gsi report from a server where i have the problem with the installation task not reporting back as it should.

one borfore an installation try and one after an installation.
the installation did go thrue but the install task in the console did not update (se fig.)

And regarding the update issue here is some pictures to illustrate what i am meaning.
pic 1: Shows the status of the agent and shows that the database is out of date.
pic 2: Shows that the latest update tasks have been executed without any issues
pic 3: Shows the log of the update at 23:34 2 nights ago
pic 4: Shows the log from a couple of minutes ago when i manualy ran the update task. I did verify that I the ksc server had downloaded the latest databases and that they were newer then the latest update task that had been runed on the server.

any tips on what i can do to correct this.
support case opened. will keep you informed
the installation issue was a port config issue were one of the communication ports had been disabled during the upgrade to the latest KSC version. so that issue is fixed

well that did not help i now think that it is a certificate issue. but if i only replace the certificate all my clients will stop communicating with the ksc. so how do i solve this any tips