Add Logitech presentation device to "Trusted Devices"

  • 25 July 2019
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Environment: KSC 10.5.1781, KES

We have several Logitech presentation devices in use. They are shared among users and it is rather cumbersome to have to approve them on every computer, when the "BadUSB Attack Prevention" feature attempts to verify the device (since they are detected as keyboards). We do not allow the display of the on-screen keyboard, to prevent users from authorizing an infected USB device.

Is it possible to add these USB presentation devices to the "Trusted Devices" tab of the KES11 policy's Device Control section? I have tried to add, but don't see any keyboard device type.


4 replies

Any help?
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Could you please clarify is this device detected by OS as keyboard type device?
Yes it does. When I plug the pointer's USB transceiver into the computer, another "HID Keyboard Device" entry appears under "Keyboards" in Device Manager.
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Unfortunately, there is no other way to activate this device except for using on-screen keyboard.

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