Acrobat Reader not starting on Windows Server 2019 after updating to KSWS 11.0

Since updating Kaspersky Security for Windows Server (KSWS) from 10.1.2 to 11.0 Acrobat Reader (version 21.001.20150) is not starting anymore on Windows Server 2019.
Reinstallation of Kaspersky Security for Windows Server (KSWS) as well as Acrobat Reader did not solve the problem.

When deselecting the process "acrord32.exe" (Kaspersky Security Center --> Windows Server policy --> real-time server protection --> exploit prevention --> protected processes), Acrobat Reader can be started.

How can we use Acrobat Reader on Windows Server 2019 without switching off the exploit prevention? Anybody any idea? Thanks in advance?

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try to disable DEP tecnique within Protected processes area (of course you have to work on the acrord32.exe record only)



thanks for your answer.

We have disabled only DEP on the acrord32.exe before and tried it again right now. This did not solve the problem. We have also disabled the other methods but with no success.

Only the complete disabling of acrord32.exe helped.

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Are you sure that related black locks are all closed?
Maybe the CoreFix6 might help you but this can be provided by K support only


I am sorry, but I do not know what you mean by “related black locks”?

(I already assumed that i have to contact the Kaspersky support.)

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attached screenshot
If locks are not closed the configuration you’ve just made won’t be deployed to managed applications (KS11 for Win Server in your case)

I think I found what you mean by “black locks”. These icons are all closed in the UI.