Windows 7 , copy paste not work

  • 13 February 2020
  • 5 replies

my pc copy paste not work in windows 7, cursor is blinking. How to solve it. is this a virus attack?

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5 replies

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is this a virus attack?

Welcome. Is Kaspersky displaying a virus detection alert ?

No, but my problem is not solve. copy paste not work. give suggestion please.

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Which Kaspersky version are you running ?

Does copy/paste works when you disable Kaspersky ?
Did this problem appeared when you installed / uninstalled Kaspersky ?

I am using trial version,

problem appeared before kaspersky install, problem not solved.

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@Baruah2020 If this problem is not related with Kaspersky we can’t unfortunately help you on this Forum.

We amicably close this Topic.