What is the registry key for the last time the database was updated and how do you interpret it? [Closed]

  • 7 January 2020
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I want to check when the database has last been updated on Kaspersky Anti-Virus. On the Anti-Virus GUI, it shows that the databases are up to date and the last time you checked for updates under “Last Update”. I want to be able to check this on a registry key value.


I have found a registry key that I think might be what I need, however, I do not know how to interpret this value or how to convert this value to a date or time.


The registry key is: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\KasperskyLab\AVP20.0\Data\UpdateState\LastUpdate


The type of registry key is REG_QWORD and the data type is provided as hex or decimal.


I have not been able to determine how this relates to the time and date.


Is there a registry key that provides this value in epoch time format or does anyone know how to convert this registry key to a date and time format?


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Hello  @sjones,


KAV Reports, Update of Databases & application modulesDetails, has some information, however, not the Registry information your inquiry is about… 

If KAV is licensed, please raise a request with Kaspersky Technical Support, the support team will need the information detail you've provided here, may request a GSI & Windows Logs & images (if available). 

After submitting the request, you’’ll receive an automated email with an INC+12 digits reference number. Normally within 5 business days, a Kaspersky Lab Technical Support  (human) will contact you. You may continue to communicate with the Technical Team via email or by updating the INC in your MyKaspersky account.

Please let us know the outcome when it’s available?

Thank you:pray_tone3: