what is 0cf. io or hulk prod anm.co .uk or setup wizard? and if it's malware how do you remove it. also im using android

  • 7 July 2021
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Samsung, Android, 5.5

what are: 

(1)  0cf. io?

(2) hulk prod anm.co .uk?

(3) setup wizard?

(4) if it's malware how do I remove it?


Hello @Ruru madrid66999

:boom: For Internet protection, KIS Internet protection only checks websites in Google Chrome. Internet protection feature may also work with pre-installed browsers of some devices, for example Samsung Internet on a Samsung device. 

  1. Read & use tutorial by @Danila T. Read before you create a new topic!
  2. Where is the report from?
  3. Which browsers are you using on the android? 
  4. Has the phone been granted Admin/Developer/root access permissions?
  5. Is KIS Premium, Trial or Free? 
  6. What are the alerts in your original image - image 1: 


(1) x0cf.io is generally known as a browser hijacking program. Fix by: 

  • Clearing browser cache.
  • Reset browser to default.
  • Remove or turn off any extensions, addons, themes.  
  • Only use Chrome. 

(2) hulkprod.anm.co.uk? → Provide more information, we cannot see this in your original image? 
(3) setup wizard? →  Provide more information, we cannot see this in your original image?

:exclamation: Note: lots of apps use Setup wizard(s), including Kaspersky. 

Please let us know? 

Thank you🙏🏼