vulnerbility scan has been scanning for over 48 hours and won't get past 50%.

  • 30 October 2020
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The vulnerbilkity scan has been scanning for over 48 hours now, and to be fair im a bit peeved.  It just wont get past 50%. My databases are up to date, a full scan and rootkit scan has been mamanged ( all be it took 8 hours to do).  I have no other virus detection programme on my laptop. Kadspersky is it.

5 replies

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Welcome. Please tell us some basic information. Please hover your mouse cursor over the red K tray icon and tell us the name and version and full build number of your Kaspersky product.


What operating system? 

im using mozilla firefox.    Kaspersky Anti virus .. i dont have a red tray, i dont know what that is, or where to find that.

databases up to date 31.10.20

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Hello, @hotel1 ,
Try installing a newer version ( and check the problem:

1. Uninstall the current version of Kaspersky:
2. Follow the instructions here to download and install Kaspersky Anti-Virus: https://support.kaspersky.com/15407#block1

Try to Reinstall Kaspersky, if that doesnt work then i would try to defragment your HDD, it could be that your OS is fragmented to much or that your SSD is to full so that it slows down your whole system

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