v20 Auto updated and killed pc [Closed]

  • 28 November 2019
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My version of the AV 19 updated automatically to v20 and bricked my W10 pc.

Windows wouldn’t Auto Repair of any of the other usual options.

Had to do W10 reinstall and restore from a few days old back up. All in all, a very tedious process. The sort of thing, ironically, that one does if a serious virus takes hold.

I’ve stopped auto updates on the software versions (not the database) and will not update again until confident that such issues have been eliminated.



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Hello  @saxophone21,


KAV 2020 has new software compatibility requirements, please confirm your system meets these? 

Also, please tell us:

Windows version and build

KAV patch(x) ? x = letter

Please post back?

Thank you

Thank you for your response.

W10 Home 1909

OS Build 18363.476

I do have Malwarebytes but this has not been an issue previously. W10 does not allow (supposedly) incompatible AV and malware programs to run together. KAV and Malwarebytes have hitherto worked well together.

Current KAV version that is working is

Malwarebytes v4.0.4

Perhaps KAV should not have auto updated (which I’ve now turned off)?

After KAV updated to v20 and I started to get issues (e.g. Firefox and Chrome failing to open).

I did uninstall and reinstall Firefox but made no difference.

I did check W10 security page but that all looked fine.

I did try an uninstall v20 but that failed via uninstall and a program downloaded from your website.

Then failure on rebooting as previously described.



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@saxophone21 Please disable Ransomware real time protection in MalwareBytes and reboot your system

OK done that. Apart from an annoying pop-up from MB telling me that Ransomeware  Protection is off what now?

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I did try an uninstall v20 but that failed via uninstall



Can  you please provide in your next Post a GSI Log :


How long does this ‘getsysteminfo’ program take to run?


It’s at 20 minutes so far and looks about 4% done.

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Please wait 5 or 10 minutes , when starting the GSI Log tool the percentage is hanging low  but at the end  the 100% should come up quickly. We would like to have this Log before providing you an adequate suggestion ...

OK now completed. Zip file attached

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Here is your Gsi Link

From your Windows Event Log :
“Application 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Kaspersky Lab\Kaspersky Free 19.0.0\avpui.exe' (pid 10916) cannot be restarted - Application SID does not match Conductor SID.. “



Which means what exactly? A bit beyond (well OK a lot beyond) my knowledge level.

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This means that your OS is involved in your problem and in this case we mostly refer to K-Lab Tech Support (only for paid versions)

Another option is running the Kaspersky Removal tool > Reboot > Reinstall


In most cases the KAVremover is working fine but there is always a “low-risk” :

Do not use the kavremover tool unless recommended to do so by Kaspersky Lab technical support engineers.

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OK done that. Apart from an annoying pop-up from MB telling me that Ransomeware  Protection is off what now?

Providing you have a moderate technical capability and have patience and are willing to keep an open mind;   and apply some mutual trust exclusions, it should be possible to get a working, smoother installation of Malwarebytes Premium 4  and the KTS  / KIS 2020   with patch G or higher.

And you may have all of the real-time Premium protections of Malwarebytes for Windows.

The Malwarebytes help forum has very good tips.
Starting at this link   ( and those that follow )https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/255397-malwarebytes-ver-40449/?do=findComment&comment=1355698